RU-61A  Pleating Attachment for Single Needle Machine
RU-61B  Pleating Attachment for Double Needle Machine

RU-61 is only for one pleat pattern, accordion pleating. It is an accordion pleating attachment.

"A" type is for single needle machine and "B" type is for double needle gauge 1/4". This attachment is fixed behind the sewing machine. It is connected to and driven by the sewing machine's main shaft.

No damage will caused on the sewing machine and table. No extra motor is needed. A transmission box for lower speed is provided.



Allow simultaneously joining
top shirring fabric and bottom fabric

Stitches Control Box and Transmission Belt

Transmission Box for Lower Speed


Pleating result depends on four elements: pleat pattern, pleat depth, number of stitches per pleat and sewing machine's stitch length

The maximum depth of every pleat is 1". Number of stitches per pleat means the distance between the starting point of one pleat and that of the next pleat. Maximum number of stitches per pleat is 15. Stitch length of sewing machine is its feeding length setting.

The pleat space is number of stitches per pleat multiplied by stitch length, then minus pleat depth. More stitches/pleat setting or longer stitch length, larger the pleat space.

 RU-61A  For single needle, including needle plate, feed dog,
presser feet and ruffling plate.
 RU-61B  For double needle 1/4", including needle plate,
 feed dog, presser feet and ruffling plate.
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 Pleat Type:  Accordion Pleat
 Pleat Space Setting (stitches per pleat):  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15
 Maximum Pleat Depth Setting:  1"
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 Other optional product: @
   - TF-807

 Front tape feeder, fixed under the table for heavier

   - TF-814

 Tape feeder, fixed on the table behind the sewing
 machine for download feeder. 

   - Extra 3/8" or 1/2" gauge set

 Double needle gauge set for RU-61B, including
 needle plate, feed dog, presser feet and ruffling plate.